The Water Tower in Gołdap

The 46.5 m high building has 7 floors and a domed covering topped with a lantern with a spire. There are 3 parts in the facade: the ground floor, the stem and the housing of the tank. The ground floor was built on a stone pedestal finished with a profiled cornice. A stone staircase with a straight, forged balustrade leads to the entrance. Door opening with ogival skylight in a profiled frame. Four window openings shaped analogously. Board doors with a wooden coat of arms of Gołdap and the date “1905” on the lintel. Forged hinges and leaf-shaped door handle. The ground floor is topped with a wide frieze and cornice with flashing. The stem of the tower, brick, not plastered, passes into the cup-shaped cup of the tank housing. At the height of 2 and 5 storeys, 4 window openings with a sharp arc. Above the arcade frieze comes eight pilaster strips that run up to the crowning cornice. Plastered casing with two rectangular windows. Each one is topped with an ogival pediment with a rosette. Above the arcaded frieze with a cornice, a roofing dome in the shape of a hemisphere. Above the 8-sided lantern with a dome and a spire. The interior of the tower is separated by five inter-story ceilings. Between the staircase runs 2 pipes connecting the tank with the municipal water supply system.